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What Is Data Entry Job?

What is data entry? This is a question that many young people research, even for small or large businesses. People who search for online jobs often see data entry jobs. For businesses, they need an outsourcing service provider. Companies that provide outsourcing services for online data entry will help businesses save costs and shorten the time to complete work. To understand clearly about data entry job, please read the below article:

What is data entry job?

It sounds like an easy task to hear, but it’s not as simple as we often think. Data entry is not simply about typing a keyboard and entering numbers or text into a computer, but this job has very strict requirements that only those in the industry can understand. Together we learn through the following article:

Data entry staff are individuals who must undergo a period of professional training to practice input (text & number), check, compare, compare and manage data.

You need to possess a variety of professional skills to become a professional data entry staff, because the job of data entry requires a combination of different skills such as good health, speed of operation. eye and right hand movements are fast with high accuracy and high concentration, hours of computer sitting time … So, to ensure the accuracy of the output data, at least 3 performers need to be performed data entry and data processing.

Workflow of data entry staff:

The first step: need 2 data entry agents

After being trained about data entry techniques and mastering the project requirements, 2 data entry agents input the letters/ numbers independently into the system (this system is designed and built to satisfy requirements of project and customer), this process is called double entry. Eventually they will re-check for the last time to hand it over to the final checker.

Final step: Checker checks and exports the completed output file

After the system automatically detects and marks the cases where the data of the double entry of the two data entry agents are not matched, the checker will be responsible for re-checking the cases that are not consistent to compare and fix to give the most accurate output. Once hearing about the work of the third person – checker, we all think that this kind of task is the simplest among the team. However, this is actually a complicated, difficult and time-consuming process. This is also an extremely important step before exporting data to the system and send to customers.

In order to meet the job requirements, each employer has to improve the qualification in the recruitment process and have professional questionnaires to fully exploit the candidate’s strengths and select good and most suitable candidates. Hopefully, with this article, readers will have a comprehensive and accurate view of data entry agent to make it easier to choose a future job.


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