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What Is Data Digitization?

Nowadays, not all businesses are aware of the importance of data digitization. Therefore, data digitization needs to be more available in a wider area, so that people can make the right assessment of its role.

The 4.0 industrial revolution is having a global influence and strong impact on everyone’s lives. Recently, we have often heard of new concepts such as data digitization, digital business, digital citizen, electronic office, smart city, etc. In this article, we learn about data digitization to have a correct view and evaluation about it.

What is data digitization?

Data digitization is the process of converting traditional data types such as handwritings, prints, audios, and images, etc into standardized data that computer can recognize.

Normally, digital data including texts, videos, audios, and images, etc are used on computers and formatted that computer can read.

Online data entry companies will help businesses perform these tasks quickly.

Why data digitization?

As we all knew, along with the increase in the world population, the human being’s archives of documents, materials and knowledge has also gradually become huge. Besides, the storage and circulation of these documents are also limited.

Therefore, the application of data digitization into practice is the most reasonable solution for this problem. Data digitization will help us find, share, store and access information in a quickest and easiest way.

Advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages

  • Information is stored, searched, and shared quickly and easily.
  • Different types of digital data are flexibly converted.
  • The cost of management activities, storage space are minimized.
  • Data are able to be edited and reused.

2. Disadvantages

  • Cost of initial investment on advanced machinery, IT infrastructures, and modern technology.
  • Risk of being modified and copied data easily & illegally.
  • Difficulty in implementation due to the process of synchronized and systematic training. In addition, data security is also quite complicated.

In the era of scientific and technological development as nowadays, it is essential for every organization to understand the basic knowledge and benefits of data digitization. Businesses need to invest in researching data digitization applications to make the most of their advantages and minimize their limitations to maximize the benefits for their businesses.


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