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Tips To Conquer Data Entry & Data Processing Jobs

In your view, what skills do you need for a data entry & data processing job? At minimum, strong typing and reading abilities are generally expected to have once applying for data entry & data processing job.

 Tips to conquer data entry & data processing jobs. Illustrating photo

Here is a list of the skills that many recruiters require of data entry & data processing applicants synthesized by BPO.MP Co., Ltd:

The skills that many employers require a data entry & data processing applicants Illustrating photo

  • Typing skills: data entry and data processing applicants must be fast and accurate typists. According to the nature of work, employers typically state the words-per-minute (WPM) that a job requires.
  • 10-Keypad skills: Many employers expect workers to have also mastered 10 finger typing skills, which is found the right of standard for assessing the level of work suitability.
  • Reading skills: data entry and data processing staff must be able to read the data that they are entering into the system. Sometimes, this can be difficult as many people have poor handwriting, making it difficult to understand their words.
  • Foreign language skills: Some businesses have a large numbers of current customers & potential customers whose first language is not Vietnamese. Thus, data entry and data processing applicants who have knowledge of other languages may be in demand by these employers.
  • Computer skills: data entry & data processing agent will need to know how to operate a desktop computer. In addition, they should be able to learn how to quickly adapt with businesses’ proprietary software systems.
  • Customer service skills: Although many data entry & data processing agents do not work directly with customers, some are likely to play a dual role in data entry and customer service. For example, a company tends to expect its data entry team to receive orders via phone and assist customers with questions about orders they have already placed…
  • Time management: data entry & data processing agents are typically monitored for speed and accuracy, and estimated time to meet project targets.

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BPO.MP is always a dynamic working environment for young people who are pursuing data entry & data processing job. Through this article, BPO.MP wishes the young people to be enthusiastic and find a suitable data entry & data processing job for themselves!


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Services BPO.MP provides:

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  • Human Resource Service

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