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The Exchange Between JPMD And BPO.MP Company

Recently, JP Direct Media Co., Ltd., a partner of BPO.MP, had an exchange at our company. The two companies met, exchanged and shared many beautiful memories.

To understand more about BPO.MP, three delegations from JPMD visited and observed the working environment of employees as well as the company’s facilities and equipments. After that, the representative groups and BPO.MP’s employees visited and traveled several famous places in Da Nang city together.

Firstly, everyone enjoyed the delicious specialties of the beautiful Da Nang city and chatted friendly with each other. Next, we wandered through souvenir & chocolate shops, markets and supermarkets.

Almost representatives from the three delegations of JPMD expressed their admiration and praise for the Vietnamese beautiful crafts. Therefore, they bought lots of gifts for their families and friends. After that, we visited the scenic Marble Mountains – a famous tourist destination in Da Nang. Bypassing the tiredness of the scorching early summer sunlight, joyful moments and memorable memories still remain in our minds.

After the exchange, both sides understood and became more close-knit; this is also one of the important factors creating a good cooperation relationship later. Thus, we hope to have many more exchanges between the two companies to promote and introduce our company’s services such as data digitization, data entry and data processing, financial & accounting services, content writing, translation & interpretation, content writing, human resource services closer to the friendly Japanese friends.