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Press Release: BPO.MP Was Honored To Receive Sao Khue Award 2019 For BPO Services – Business Process Outsourcing

In recent time, the information about “BPO.MP was honored to receive Sao Khue Award 2019 for BPO services – Business Process Outsourcing” was reported in many prestigious newspapers, magazines and broadcasters in the field of information technology.

Specifically, Vietnam software and IT services association – VINASA, Sao Khue award website, ICT Directory, Digital Life Magazine, Biztek, Vinasa Facebook page and VTC1 station  have published information about BPO services provided by BPO.MP Co., Ltd, such as data digitization, data entry and data processing, DTP image processing, data labeling, financial & accounting services, content writing services, translation & interpretation, human resource services.

Information about BPO.MP was posted in prestigious magazines, newspapers and broadcasters

Thereby, it helps to affirm the prestige, quality and outstanding features of BPO services that BPO.MP is providing. BPO.MP supports businesses to focus on their core businesses and transfer non-core jobs to external partners, helping businesses reduce the business processes, so that they can quickly achieve their own business goals.

In addition, articles and reports also show BPO.MP’s efforts in updating and applying new trends of the most advanced technology, improving operating processes and quality of services, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers with optimal solutions in the BPO service industry.

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We would like to send our gratitude to the newspapers, magazines and broadcasters for publishing information about BPO.MP.

For more information about the services, please contact hotline: 0931 939 453 or email: info@mpbpo.com.vn to receive accurate, complete and dedicated advice.