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Data Annotation Work

Data labeling and annotation services are becoming more and more popular concepts in the field of data processing. Suppliers and developers always looking for the highest data collection services as well data processing services, especially data annotation. There are many reason why data annotation are so much important in order to maximize the output of any machine learning program or AI development.

First of all, in order to achieve the over-fitting for the algorithm, the data collection need to be sometime complex but suitable for the learning model. The less complex model, the less intelligent for the output. However, when the learning model increases the the complicated input or data, the output becomes much more intelligent and logic. Therefore, every learning model require not only the suitable algorithm but also the quality data and annotation services.


Therefore, the way that annotation supplier provide the process of labeling data is highly important to consider. At BPO.MP, this progress is under high strict and follow exactly the principle of tagging data to the model. There are several steps of quality checks, random checks, spot checks and last checks before deliver the labeled data to the system. More importantly, the methods of Computer Vision labeling are various and strictly follow the particular factors of specific models and purpose of the machine, therefore this progress requires a huge experience of data labeling (Florian Leiser, 2021).

How to issue a high quality data annotation services?

First of all, BPO.MP always scan and recommend the high quality data collection services. After the data was collected, BPO.MP will apply different tool of labeling in order to maximize the performance of labeling, and figure out the workforce for this labeling project. A meeting or conversation with client is a must in order to finalize the level of annotation need to be achieved. During the progress of annotating data, BPO.MP keep all activities updated and inform to client if there is any issue occurred. The competitive advantages of BPO.MP are not only the good outsourcing data annotation services, but also the number of revision for clients until the model achieve the highest output.

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