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Data Digitization and Digital Transformation in the new era

For companies, the integration of digital tools is an important factor for profitability and growth. If you want to keep your competitive edge and not be left behind by your competitors then start Data Digitization. How to start digitizing your data?

Having knowledge of Digital Transformation

The world is changing and moving towards digital. This transformation has an impact on our daily actions as well as in companies that rely on new technology to reinvent their economic model. The goal is to make them more effective, more collaborative and more transparent.

In fact, digital transformation depends on two main factors: speed (including the fluency of trade and productivity gains) and the ability to access jobs more broadly.

In a company, this transformation takes many forms: CRM – to improve the visibility of potential customers and automate business processes to increase efficiency, intranet – to optimize collaborative work, Cloud – for online data storage, SaaS model (no on-site installation required), etc.

These tools are a goldmine when it comes to competing in an increasingly competitive world. However, to achieve maximum efficiency, it all stems from one factor: Data Digitization.

Data Digitization: An important step in coordinating digital transformation

Rome was not built in just a day and similarly you won’t achieve digital conversion in just a few clicks: in fact, many steps need to be taken. The first is Data Digitization: a prerequisite and essential, whereby you digitize all the factors that will assist you in the transition, including both incoming and outgoing flows.

Digitization can be done in all areas of the company. It requires two steps:

  1. Convert existing physical documents into digital format

2. Directly create digital documents and completely skip paper documents.

Yes, data digitization is a necessary prerequisite to ensure a smooth digital transformation.

However, this process comes with its own advantages:

  • Better tracking of documents
  • Simplify access to content
  • Sharing documents easier and faster
  • Limited search time thanks to more accurate data classification
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Increase the capacity
  • Enhance security for storage and exchange

By automating operations and structuring processes, digitalization drives companies toward innovation and adding value. In addition, a digital and collaborative environment enhances productivity while strengthening data security.

Every company will face the challenge of digitalization sooner or later. Do not hesitate anymore: set up your digital transformation now and using Data Digitization service.


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