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BPO.MP – Happy International Children’s Day, June 01 For The Child

Children are the happiness of the family, the future of the country.

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, June 01, BPO.MP Co., Ltd gave presents to the employees’ children who are working at the company.

The Executive Committee of the Union selected each gift to suitable for each child’s age

Not only focus on improving quality of BPO services such as document digitization, data entry & data processing, image processing DTP, data labeling, financial & accounting outsourcing, content writing, translation & interpretation, human resource service, BPO.MP also pays attention to the material and spiritual life of the company’s employees.

By holding activities for employees’ children on the occasion of International Children’s Day or Mid-Autumn Festival, etc, such as giving the kids meaningful spiritual gifts, the company wishes to build mutual close-knit relationships as well as hope them consider BPO.MP as their second home.

Mothers excitedly received gifts for their children

For the next time, the executive committee of the union will cooperate with the board of directors to continue maintaining and organizing various meaningful activities for the children.